About Me

My love of rabbit's sprang from a special little bunny called Charlie, my soul bunny if you will.  Charlie was left in his holiday home by his owner, who didn't want him any more, she had become bored of him after she hit the teenage years.  

I took him on and started researching rabbits.  The more I found out, the more I realised I knew very little, and that things had progressed since I had a rabbit as a child.  I spent lots of money on inadequate accommodation, trying to improve and striving for a better life for Charlie.  

Last year, Charlie passed to the Bridge, surrounded by his three buddies, living in the lap of luxury in a 14ftx6ft bespoke dog kennel. He may be gone, but he left a Charlie paw print on my heart and his legacy continues in the work I do to educate others who start off like me. 

Having been owned by rabbits for 4 years now, I want to share the best practice I have discovered, with others, for people to get it right first time, and for those who need help, to be pointed in the right direction.


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