Bonding is the terms given to matching rabbits, to make a pair or group.  This should only be attempted when both rabbits have been neutered and 8-12 weeks have passed since the last operation. It is essential that this is followed as hormones are still present and any reaction will be due to hormones. Males are still fertile for up to 8 weeks after their operation, and therefore there is still a chance an unneutered female can become pregnant.

There are two ways of bonding rabbits.  One is a slow method, the other seen as the quick method, both will be talked through.

Both bonding methods have similarities.  
Both rabbits need to be neutered, and time given to let hormones die down, especially with females.  It can take up to 6 months, but normally between 8-12 weeks.  
The best pairs are male/female bondings, with equal numbers on each side, however, this is not a solid rule, it does ultimately depend on the personalities of the rabbits involved.  One rabbit needs to be dominant. I personally have bonded all combinations, up to groups of 6.

My biggest advice for either method, is to stay calm, and not to get too nervous or anxious. Rabbits will, and do pick up on this, and often react to it.

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