Current Residents 

Arthur came to me as a foster bunny, but he ended up stealing my heart and stopping here.  He is a snuggle bun and will follow me around like a puppy.  He has had his fair share of problems  whilst being with me, including ear mites and infections, but he is an angel to treat, and doesn't kick up a fuss.
He is a little deaf, a trait of being a red eyed white bunny, and is very light sensitive, another trait, so much prefers the over cast days where he doesn't have to squint to see.
In his previous life he had been found wandering the streets, and was taken in by a lady who kept him in a chicken coop, with her chickens.  He ended up with matted fur from the chicken mess and had badly infected ears.  After this experience he was handed into someone who took in rabbits.
Here I fostered him, however, despite many re-assurances that he was neutered, I found out he wasn't when babies arrives, after a successful bonding with Isla.  He was booked for neutering the day the babies arrived.

Isla I found in pets at home adoption centre  after the death of one of my rabbits.  She was dumped on the shops front door over night, so very little is known about her history. 
When she came here she was very nervous and shy.  She quickly settled in to the routine here and enjoys her free range time. 
Unfortunately, due to the wrong information being given by the place I got Arthur from, she became pregnant and had 6 babies.  4 of which are still with me.
After weaning her babies I got Isla, and her only daughter Tilly neutered.  Since being neutered she has come out of her shell dramatically.  She will now approach me running to see what I am bringing, sometimes to the point of me thinking she isn't going to stop!!  

Sophie is one of my original bunnies, initially bought to go with Charlie, she was too young at the time to go outside, so over winter she was a house bunny.  Sophie  is a feisty bunny, although not violent, she knows her own mind, and is highly intelligent .  She is my only bunny who knows exactly where every hole in my fence is, and makes a headway to those when out free ranging. 

Bluebelle was adopted from Kirkby Animal Welfare in 2009.  I adopted her with her partner in crime Frankie. She is a Blue Eyed White minilop. Her ears are amazing and she will cover her eyes with them, or put them into an almost upright position.
She is another shy bunny, but loves bunny attention. She was so bonded with Frankie, but unfortunately he left for rainbow bridge in 2010, far too soon. Frankie was like a guide bunny for Belle, who is partially sighted due to her colouring.  She also has questionable hearing too, both she and Arthur will lie sleeping in their enclosure and not move until I'm right on top of them.

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