A rabbit is a prey animal, and although their colour and shape have been developed into the pets we have in our families today, they still retain much of their wild cousin's instincts.  One of these instincts is to hide any ill health, so they would not be picked off by predators. 

This makes our jobs as responsible owners much more difficult, as they are trying to hide problems, we end up making it our jobs to try and spot anything before it develops into something major.   

It is recommended that you give your bunny a weekly check over to prevent problems becoming serious.

Areas to check are 

Eyes and Nose - Make sure they are dry and free from discharge

Front Teeth - Ensure teeth are meeting to grind down properly, that they are not over grown

Ears - Check ears for 'crust' like growths, especially in lop eared bunnies

Nails and Back Feet - Ensure all nails are not overgrowing, check back feet for pressure sores 

Tail and Bum - make sure the tail and bum are clean.  any dirt help clean away with a damp cloth and re-assess diet.  Wet bum can be due to too much moisture in their diets, or as a reaction to shop bought dried food.


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