It is your duty to prevent and treat any illness in your rabbit.  They should be protected from disease and pain as much as possible.  Pet rabbits should have 3 vaccinations a year, 2 for myximatosis (myxi), and one for Viral Haemorrhaging Disease (VHD).  Both are quick to kill rabbits, and it’s very upsetting to watch.  The majority of vaccinated rabbits will not be affected by VHD, so long as good hygiene is followed too. Those vaccinated for Myxi, can be treated and survive a lesser, nodular mxyi, if vaccinated.     

As rabbits are prey animal, they hide pain well.  Sometimes it is only when a rabbit dies you realise it is ill.  Due to this is it important you spend 30 minutes+ with your rabbit to monitor behaviour.  Sometimes an ill rabbit which is normally first at the front will cower behind something as you enter, or the opposite one that would rather do its own thing will come to you.  Only you as a responsible owner will be able to notice small differences in behaviour which could point to illness

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