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 The links to documents provided here are no substitute for speedy veterinary consultations.  If your rabbit is showing symptoms of any illness your rabbit will be very sick, rabbits are prey animals and as such hide pain and other symptoms that would normally show a rabbit is sick. 

General covers many aspects of rabbit care

Rabbits Need Space

For the Love of Parsley

Rabbit Welfare

RSPCA Need to Know Rabbits Accommodation

RSCPA Manchester and Salford's  Guide to Accommodation


Rabbit Nutrition

House Rabbit's Guide to Diet

Burns Nutrition Pyramid

University of Miami   stasis and how to avoid it.


The Hay Experts

Hay For Pets


Animal Rescue And Care


CottonTails Rescue's Guide to Neutering


The Rabbit House Enrichment

Burgess Enriching Your Rabbit's Life

My House Rabbit Enrichment

SPCA Toys, Exercise and Enrichment

Video -  Happy Hoppers Youtube Channel Please subscribe and watch the videos from Happy Hoppers, they are really interested, informatiove, and even the most experienced rabbit slave can learn a new trick or three


The Hay Experts

Chinchilla 2 Shop

Wilkos  Also look  in the bird department, and the baby toys too.

Check out your pound shops for hard plastic toys, baby or pet, make sure your bunnies teeth can't teat it apart.

Ask for empty cardboard boxes.

Creative Bird Toys although in the U.S. please take a look as a few of these could be home made.

Illness and Problems

PLEASE - this is meant to be to help inform rabbit owners, and not provide diagnosis.  If your rabbit is not itself, PLEASE TAKE THEM TO THE VETS AS AN EMERGENCY.  A rabbit who is lethargic, is teeth grinding, has reduced its eating, or is not eating at all, needs to see a vet as a matter of PRIORITY!

Rabbit Dentistry

Vet Assistant's Guide to Exotic Pet Care

Recommend a Vet

Recommend a Rescue

RACR Rescue

Rabbit Rehome  Database of rescues and private people rehoming rabbits.

Save A Fluff

Hopping mad People - forums where you can talk with like minded people

Rabbit Rendesvous

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