Rabbit Rescues 

Rabbit Rescues are the unsung heroes of our community. They work tirelessly to look after the rabbits who end up in their care. 

Below I have started a map of reputable rabbit rescues. The map shows the approximate area that the rescues each work.  The pins DO NOT relate to the exact position the rescues work from but give the areas they do work. If you would like more information specific to a rescue please contact the rescue direct.  
If you click on the blue marker it will bring up the name and a way of contacting that rescue, be it through their website, or telephone number.  You can also navigate and zoom in on the map to get a closer view, using the icons in the top left hand corner.

Reputable rescues will only re-home rabbits who have already been neutered, are up to date with their myxi and vhd vaccinations.  They will also expect to be re-homing to accommodation that is approx 36 sq ft ( 6ft hutch and attached 6ft x 4ft run).  Each rescue will have their own rehome policy and I would recommend you contact them before buying accommodation.

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